F/F Filmed Twin Form Plywood

Filmed Twin Plywood is a very high quality alternative for Filmed Birch Plywood. It is ideal for concrete formwork and it offers the possibility to be re-employed several times. Its composition is alternating Birch and Scots Pine in layers of equal size. Therefore it is therefore very solid; especially with crossed grain.
FILM TYPES info Imported brown films. Weight : 120 g/m2, 150 g/m2, 167 g/m2 or 220 g/m2. Different types of films available on demand FACE : Smoothe Phenolic Dynea Film 120 g/m2 Quality I (dark brown)
COUNTER-FACE : Smoothe Phenolic Dynea Film 120 g/m2 Quality I (dark brown)
COMPOSITION Interior: Combination of European BIRCH and SCOTS PINE
GRAIN Long grain or crossed grain
GLUE WBP (phenolic – class 3 – exterior) according to the EN 314-3 standard E1 very low formaldehyde emissions info other bonds available on demand
EDGE PROTECTION 4 treated edges waterproof acrylic paint (color film)
CERTIFICATIONS CE 2+ Marking(CE S structure) structural applications according to the EN 13986 standard ; FSCFSC
1250×2500 ; 1220×2440 mm
Thickness (mm) 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 35 40
Number of plies 5 5 7 7 10 9 12 11 15 17
Number of pieces per pack 100 75 60 50 45 35 30 30 25 20
PACKING By full truckload of approximately 38m3
PACKAGING By securely strapped pallets
DELIVERY LEAD TIME 4 weeks after the client has sent the request

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